To start the demos with FSAL (Forms Standalone Launcher) you need the FSAL Windows JAR File Version .

You can get a package from with the Jar-File, a Splash screen and a start icon:
FRMSAL Windows (ZIP, 232 KB) to build your own startset.

Get an instruction here how to run FSAL from a signed exe file using the tool launch4j and the Windowssdk with a code signing certificate

A simple example for a FSAL call could be a batchfile like this:
start /min "Oracle Forms 12c Console" java.exe -jar -splash:splash_forms12c.gif frmsal_windows_12213.jar -url "" or use javaw.exe to avoid the monitoring

The Forms Demo-Server is running under this specifications:
Server: Cloud VM Standard 1.1 Windows 2012R2 1 OCP/7 GB/E5-2699v3
Location: Oracle Cloud IaaS - EU Frankfurt-1
Forms and Reports Version
OV-SSL WEB certificate COMODO SHA-256 valid until 03.2020 (SSLCHECK A+ SSL Headercheck A)
Codesigning certificate COMODO SHA-256 valid until 09.2020 (With Valid Timestamp)
The domain was given from Jan-Peter Timmermann from Auraplayer